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CineDans 2019 - Talk on Screedance & Social Engagement

Dance films address issues that relate to society, through the body and movement.
From representation to direct engagement with people and communities in the midst of socio-political relevances, filmmakers bring themselves up to task with translating and disseminating the problems, complications and reflections of interpersonal and world-wide relations.

CineDans invite filmmakers to open up their views and methods of working. For this session, the audience is invited to reflect together on the present ways of how dance films are treating social issues and the impact of those in our surrounding.

SPEAKERS // Tanin Torabi (filmmaker: The Derive) | Dagmar Dachaeur (filmmaker: Competing for Sunlight: Ash)  | Emma Evelein (choreographer/filmmaker Sisters, A flood remains) | Maia Sorensen(filmmaker/choreographer) | Nikita Maheshwary (choreographer/filmmaker)