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'Eve Teasing' screening @ mana contemporary's body + camera festival 2018

This short movement based film attempts to capture an ordinary day for the women on Indian streets. Her reactions ranging from caution, vigilance, state of fear to unnerving sickness. Targeted with lurid comments, cat calls, groping and flashing; Eve-Teasing is a common, well practiced and tolerated part of our living.

EVE TEASING is a part of SitaaurGita, an ongoing movement based video series on sociopolitical factors of India. The series attempts to illustrate the social, political & cultural fabric and investigate how deeply they are intertwined. The issues addressed, though pan-Indian in their discourse, have been showcased in an urban middle class perspective.

Performers - Sunaina Jain & Nikita Maheshwary
Editor - FurryTail Production
Director - Nikita Maheshwary