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Final Exhibition at Het Verhalenhuis

  • Tante Netty Eindhoven The Netherlands (map)

HET VERHALENHUIS or THE STORY HOUSE was a participatory art project stationed at Newtonstraat,6. In collaboration with artists Anja Radakovic, Vitoria Aquino and organisation Tante Netty, I took another step forward to explore the ‘Idea of Home’. The six week-long project aimed to bring to life the stories of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ of the community of Woensel West in Eindhoven, Netherlands. 

By hosting a series of community workshops, dinner & coffee meets and street interventions in the neighbhourhood we built a cozy house of stories. And, after six weeks of interaction with the warm community of Woensel West, we hosted a day full of performances, installation, walks, talks, games and coffee! 

Web of Knowledge
The installation aimed to bring together the conversations, memories and objects from the culturally diverse neighbourhood of Woensel West. The conversations took place during sunny afternoons in the park, on the streets, over warm dinner and several cups of coffee.

The rhizomatic structure or the “web of wool”, which serves as the base of the work, takes inspiration from Deleuze and Guattari’s Rhizome Theory. A rhizome is “always in the middle, in between things” and never complete. However, these randomly linked connections continually multiply, promote further growth of knowledge and create non-linear cultural networks. We invited neighbours and visitors to join the network, by sharing their knowledge and adding it to the web of stories.