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'LINES' & 'ARTICLE 19' screened @ Ignite Festival of Contemporary Dance

LINES delves into the multi-pronged issue of drug abuse in Punjab. The border state of India, each year Punjab gets drugs worth billions of dollars from the neighbouring countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The land is besieged with social, political, geographical & emotional recuperation of the drug trafficking and increasing youth addiction.

ARTICLE 19 stands in solidarity with artists & writers who gave back their awards in the wake of nationalism and intolerance in India.

Both films are part of SitaaurGita, an ongoing movement based video series on sociopolitical factors of India. The series attempts to illustrate the social, political & cultural fabric and investigate how deeply they are intertwined. The issues addressed, though pan-Indian in their discourse, have been showcased in an urban middle-class perspective.

Performers - Sanchita Sharma, Sunaina Jain & Nikita Maheshwary