An Artistic-research based Performance Project in Public Space

While We Walk is an ongoing photo series of ‘walking conversations’ with women from different nationalities, race, class and culture. While we walk, we talk about home, belonging & urban public spaces and the sense of ownership women have for the cities they grew up in.

Artist’s Note

“To decode the intricate relationship between gender and the city, I embarked on this journey inspired by the most simple and neutral act performed in a public space - walking. The ‘walking conversations’ were performed with varied women in different neighbourhoods of various cities during different hours of day and night, which gradually shaped into this ongoing photo series.During these conversations I realised that ‘public’ in public space is not a coherent unified group but a blend of different socio-economic and cultural subsets, further divided by age and gender. And each part of this diverse society relates to public space in a different and complex way.”